Everybody likes Mamba!

Mamba is delicious fruit flavored caramel which is easy to chew. It comes in 4 flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry, Cola and Orange.

Mamba has existed since 1953

Mamba is one of the oldest Storck brands, and it is still loved
by kids of all ages. When Mamba was launched in Germany
in 1953, most people didn’t have a lot of money to spend on
sweets. Each small Mamba package contained six pieces of
fruitflavored caramels. People loved them not only for the their
great taste but also for their price. Despite its long history in the market, Mamba is still seen as a modern product.
Production methods, ingredients and packaging are constantly
kept up-to-date to meet the standards of modern consumers.

Today, Mamba is a product bought by both children and adults. It comes in four different flavours, and is ideal on-the-go. The flavours of strawberry, raspberry, orange, and cola are enjoyed not only by people in Denmark, but also in Central and Eastern Europe, and as far away as America and Asia.