The Original with a Tradition.

A lot of people say "Mmmm – just as it was back then!" when they describe the taste of Werther's Original.

"Back then" was 1903 in Werther in the Teutoburg Forest when the "Werther steam-powered candy factory" was founded – the keystone for the candy factory that was later renamed after the founder August Storck. Gustav Nebel, one of the first employees, is considered the father of the delicious, extra creamy Werther's Original because in the end, his effort, love and patience are the reason that they taste so unbelievably good.

A lot has changed since then: an international corporation has grown out of the small workshop in Werther, and Werther's Original is enjoyed by people in over 80 countries around the world today – but luckily a few things have remained the same as they always were.

Today, we still feel the same as we did back then: it takes a lot of love, care and the best ingredients to deserve to be called Werther's Original.