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Werther’s Original candy specialties

The incomparable Werther’s Original candies: created following a special recipe with real butter, fresh cream and a lot of love and care. And just as it was back then, this remains our most important consideration and promise today. That's why all of our delicacies taste as unbelievably delicious as if they were pinched straight from Master Nebel's baking tray: sweet and creamy and uncommonly good!

Werther’s Original Cream Candy
The classic Werther’s Original: the truly unique Cream Candy that has been sweetening life for generations.

Werther’s Original Cream Toffee
Irresistibly creamy following a tried and tested tradition – the softer way to enjoy Werther’s Original.

Werther’s Original Caramel Créme
The classic Cream Candy with a silky caramel filling.